1812     The Battle of Mississinewa was fought in Grant County.  United States Army forces under William Henry Harrison defeated Native American warriors along the Mississinewa River.  It was the first U. S. victory in the War of 1812.

 1899     Paul D. “Tony” Hinkle was born in Logansport.  He became a legendary college coach, spending nearly 50 years at Butler University.  He started in 1921 when the Butler campus was still in Irvington. 

1904     Abe Martin first appeared in The Indianapolis News.  Created by artist Kin Hubbard, Abe was a rural character famous for his “sayings.”  Indiana’s Brown County State Park pays tribute to Kin Hubbard and his characters. 

 1929     Citizens of Madison, Indiana, and Milton, Kentucky, turned out in coats and scarves to dedicate a new toll bridge connecting the two Ohio River cities.  The occasion marked the retirement of ferry boats which had served the communities for many years. 

 1948     Over 1,400 children packed the Rotunda of the Indiana Statehouse for a Christmas party sponsored by state employees and the Salvation Army.  Santa Claus and Governor Ralph Gates handed out toys of all kinds.  The top gift was a three-foot doll donated by actress Shirley Temple.

 1956     The bust of Sherman Minton was unveiled at the Indiana Statehouse.  Minton spoke at the ceremony which was hosted by Governor George Craig.  One of only two native Hoosiers to serve on the United States Supreme Court, Minton grew up in Floyd County.