Emmett Forrest Branch

Otis Bowen

J. Frank Hanly

Winfield Durbin

Samuel Bigger 

Conrad Baker

Ralph Gates

Harold Handley

Paris Dunning

Isaac Gray

James Goodrich

George Craig

Ira Joy Chase

Abram Hammond

Ratliff Boon

In the past 200 years, 48 men have served as Governor of Indiana.  Four are still alive.  They are current governor Mike Pence and former governors Evan Bayh, Joe Kernan, and Mitch Daniels.  Of the remaining 44, 40 are buried in the state of Indiana, one is in Ohio, one is in Missouri, one is in New York, and another is at Arlington National Cemetery.  Their gravesites are posted here.  May they all be resting in peace after their service to the Hoosier State.  

Roger Branigin

Indiana Governor Gravesites